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Introducing Airspace Information Modeling.

Vianair develops the first-of-its-kind Airspace Information Model (AIM), the next generation platform for airspace design and planning. Vianair AIM enables 5D airspace design and planning by combining: complete parametric modeling of an airspace and airports system, with enhanced air traffic demand assignment capabilities, and performance evaluation. Vianair AIM enables dynamic TERPS, PBN and Custom criteria evaluation; dynamic obstacle clearance validation; and dynamic AEDT environmental performance modeling — All in a single platform.

All… in a single platform.

Vianair AIM enables complete parametric modeling of an airspace and airports system. This includes the complete set of airspace components, such as, 3D sectorization, SIDs, STARs, IAPs, fixes, NavAids, SUAs; airport components, such as, runways, taxiways, apron, gates, hangars; GIS information, such as, obstacles, terrain, population. And their complete interactions and interdependencies.


Procedure design like never before.

Vianair AIM enables seamless procedure design and parameterization. Define SID leg types (fly-over, fly-bys) with a click of a button. Switch between Conventional, RNAV, RNP, GLS procedure design parameterization, while seamlessly evaluating design rules and criteria. TERPS, PANS-OPS, PBN and Custom rules are automatically validated and documented by AIM, maximizing the designer’s awareness.

Instant, Dynamic Performance Evaluation.

Procedure performance is evaluated to test different performance definitions for each aircraft, including all engine and engine out performance; in terms of noise (based on the ANP / Doc 29 methodology); outside of criteria, enabling modeling of special procedures. No more marginal design improvements — the best design solution is now possible.

One seamless experience.

Vianair AIM supports seamless import/export of existing systems data types, namely, PDARS, TBFM, TARGETS, ARINC 424 and Airport Information Publications (FAA 8260 forms and ICAO forms).

Sky is the limit.

With Vianair AIM, it takes a fraction of the time to design, test, and implement a procedure, compared to the current state-of-the-art.

Flight Time
Fuel Burn


Maximum potential savings estimated based on complete redesign of the NY airspace, using the Vianair proprietary Dynamic Route Concept (DRC) for airspace design optimization.