DCA Project

A study of DCA aircraft operations and noise, the impact on residents of Arlington and Montgomery Counties, and noise abatement strategies to enhance the quality of life of the region.

While DCA is an important transportation asset for the region, flights in and out of DCA result in high levels of aircraft noise impacting the quality of life in communities around DCA and particularly for portions of the communities situated along the Potomac River.

With the introduction of NextGen and performance-based navigation, concentrations of flights have increased the noise impacts for many communities. Attempts at collaboration with the Airport and Federal Aviation Administration have left many feeling frustrated, while overflights and noise issues persist. In early 2020, Arlington and Montgomery Counties formed a partnership to bring in outside expertise to help address these challenges.

Aviation experts from ABCx2, LLC based in Atlanta were selected to help with this project. ABCx2 and its team have been tasked with helping Arlington and Montgomery Counties identify strategies to reduce overflights and noise impacts on residential communities. Steps in this project include an analysis of airport operations and the airspace surrounding DCA, developing flight procedures that meet FAA requirements, all while working closely with the community to ensure the final outcomes are equitable and fair.