AIM – Procedure Design

Procedure design like never before.

Vianair revolutionizes the procedure design process by introducing the Airspace Information Modeling (AIM) concept. Vianair AIM enables seamless procedure design and parameterization. Define SID leg types (fly-over, fly-by) with a click of a button. Switch between Conventional, RNAV, RNP, GLS procedure design parameterization, while seamlessly evaluating design rules and criteria. TERPS, PANS-OPS, PBN and Custom rules are automatically validated and documented by AIM, reducing design time by 90% and enabling the designer to achieve the optimal design.
Alternating RF leg pair editing

Editing existing procedures has never been easier.​

Vianair AIM transforms the design experience by enabling the dynamic editing of procedures. With criteria & obstacle clearance evaluation "on the fly". Yes, it's possible.

drag & drop

simple as that
All calculations according to TERPS / PBN & ICAO PANS-OPS.

Instant noise impact evaluation.

Evaluate procedure noise exposure with a click of a button. Create noise contours for DNL, LAmax, LAeq, SEL, NAT, and composite noise metrics. Compare the impact of different procedures to specific neighborhoods using state-of-the-art virtual noise monitoring.


Using ICAO's ANP Doc 29 noise estimation methodology. Validated with AEDT.
*As compared to current practice.
Track noise impact along a procedure. Instant calculation of LAmax noise contours.
Straight-Out EO design. Automated max weight calculation for obstacle clearance.

Engine-Out design & SID analysis in no time.

With a dedicated Engine-Out design module, the performance engineer's work has never been more enjoyable. Instant loading of DDOF, UDDF and SRTM-90 data. 3-click Straight-Out EO design. And Turn EO design... the Vianair way. Comes with a complete aircraft performance database, but you can always import your own.


All calculations according to Advisory Circular 120-91A.
**As compared to current practice.

For airlines

Procedure design like never before

Design SIDs, IAPs, STARs with real time, "on the fly" evaluation of criteria. Identify all possible solutions & optimize airline operations. For TERPS/PBN and ICAO PANS-OPS.

Engine-Out procedure evaluation

Seamless evaluation of Straight-Out or Turn procedures according to Advisory Circular 120-91A. One-click import of DDOF, UDDF, SRTM-90 data.

Cross-department collaboration

Seamless integration of data. Share your work with your colleagues.

For airport authorities

Procedure design with noise considerations

All the criteria a professional procedure designer needs, automatically evaluated. Noise impact can be the primary design objective.

Full awareness of the airspace

With a complete airspace model, the impact of even minor airspace changes can be evaluated.

Cross-department collaboration

AIM brings together teams from different departments with seamless data sharing.