PLUS – Airport Performance

Real-time & historic flight tracking.

Vianair PLUS gives you the power of SWIM data. Be on top of the operational status of an airport, airspace or entire fleet. With easy to navigate tools, all operational data are available at a glance.


Complete operational data in a snapshot: Terminal, En-route, NAS-wide, International data

Surface Operations

Integrated Airspace and Surface operations: SWIM + Vianair deployed ADS-B receivers for complete coverage of the non-movement area


Overlay of precipitation along with detailed information on current and historic RVR. Allows for evaluation of expected closure of arrival & departure fixes, identification of optimal coded departure routes and more.

For airport authorities

For the Operations Department

Holistic airport performance data in a single place. Easily accessible. With automated reporting capabilities.

For the Noise Office

Flight tracking & compliance. Gates & corridors. Queryable database. Real-time & past data playback review.

For the Planning Department

All surface data in a single place.

For air navigation service providers

Operational data for all your airports

Throughput, delays, flight data, weather information.

Current noise assessment

Fly Quiet program monitoring, noise performance, flight compliance.

Network performance evaluation

All performance data in a single place.

For airlines

Airport status

Track the airport status of all US airports where your fleet operates.

Network performance

Monitor the performance of major hubs.

Network planning

Test alternative fleet assignment scenarios & evaluate operational performance.