PLUS – Airport Performance

Operational data for your airport.

Vianair PLUS gives you the power of SWIM data. Be on top of the operational status of an airport, airspace or entire fleet. With easy to navigate tools, all operational data are available at a glance.
N90 - Newark Liberty Surface Operations.

On the surface & in the air.

En-route information, flight plan tracking & compliance. And complete surface performance analysis. Airport configuration, network usage, throughput, delays, taxi times, runway occupancy times.

all operational data

in one place
Using integrated SWIM data.

Holistic environmental analysis.

Noise exposure, procedure utilization, compliance to gates & corridors, playback of historic flight data, queryable database. Virtual noise monitors at any location. And configurable email alerts with the operational status of your airport.


environmental desktop
All environmental analyses use ICAO's Doc 29 ANP methodology (also used in AEDT). All results have been extensively validated with AEDT.
Noise impact comparison using Virtual Noise Monitors (VNMs) & population impact analysis based on Census data.
Weather prediction for different look-ahead times.

Weather data integration.

Graphic & textual formats. Wind & storm cell information. Seamlessly connected to airport operational data to assess fix balancing scenarios & evaluate airport & airspace capacity.


All weather data is derived from SWIM ITWS.

For airport authorities

For the Operations Department

Holistic airport performance data in a single place. Easily accessible. With automated reporting capabilities.

For the Noise Office

Flight tracking & compliance. Gates & corridors. Queryable database. Real-time & past data playback review.

For the Planning Department

All surface data in a single place.

For air navigation service providers

Operational data for all your airports

Throughput, delays, flight data, weather information.

Current noise assessment

Fly Quiet program monitoring, noise performance, flight compliance.

Network performance evaluation

All performance data in a single place.

For airlines

Airport status

Track the airport status of all US airports where your fleet operates.

Network performance

Monitor the performance of major hubs.

Network planning

Test alternative fleet assignment scenarios & evaluate operational performance.