ANM – Airport Noise Management (NOMS)

NextGen Airport Noise Management.

Vianair revolutionizes airport noise management with Vianair Airport Noise Management (ANM). Vianair ANM integrates virtual noise monitoring with flight tracking revolutionizing the airport noise management. The result? Better understanding of the impact of noise to communities.

Automated monthly noise monitoring & reporting as preferred by the Communities

LAmax, Number Above Threshold (NAT), Time Above Threshold (TAT), DNL, LAeq and more.

Virtual noise monitoring

Revolutionizing noise complaint management

Procedure noise impact evaluation

For current, or proposed procedures, solving noise problems ahead of time.

Vianair’s procedure and traffic management proposals have received unanimous consent by every single Community Working Group we have worked with to-date! Vianair’s collaborative approach in working with Communities, local Airport Authorities, Operators and the FAA has lead to record procedure implementation times. Once implemented, Vianair’s post-implementation monitoring ensures procedures compliance, minimizing noise impact to affected communities.

Making an impact.

For the noise office

Set up noise management initiatives

Geofences (gates, corridors, polygons), procedure compliance, procedure utilization, nigh-time procedures, curfew modeling.

Monitoring of airport sound performance

Automated report generation for full awareness of airport sound impact to communities at all times.

Communication with communities

Bridges the gap for effective commutation with communities by using advanced graphics and visualizations that "explain" airport sound impact.