DCA South – Community Engagement

Involving the community, particularly those impacted by aircraft operations south of DCA, will be a critical part of the South of Airport Noise Mitigation project. Community engagement will need to be consistent and ongoing. Information will be shared with the community through extensive outreach, leveraging the dedicated project website, project updates, and social media.

Community Conversations (public meetings and workshops) will be conducted at critical phases of the project to encourage community awareness of the project and foster transparency. This will also provide one of many opportunities for the Project Team to interact with the community and to receive input directly from residents.

A survey will also be developed and available via the website to encourage resident input regarding existing concerns, issues, project development, and the recommendations.

We encourage community input and want those impacted to help develop solutions that will reduce noise impacts and enhance the quality of life for those living south of DCA. Please refer to the “For More Information” section of this website for ways to get more information and to interact with the Project Team.