Planning the operations of tomorrow.

Vianair SIM is the next generation fast-time simulation platform. It enables automated simulation scenario set-up based on past data. This allows the user to very quickly and easily set up and evaluate various operational scenarios. Such scenarios may include modeling of runway closures, use of end-around taxiways, and airport expansion projects. Once scenarios are created the user can obtain performance metrics on airport throughput, delays (runway, taxiway, apron, airspace), taxi times, fuel burn and emissions.

Set departure queues with a click of a button.

Realistic airport configuration set-up.

Validated with real operational data.

There are modeling assumptions. Then, there is Vianair SIM. All the events that happen in operations can now be modeled in your screen.

What-if scenario analysis.

Runway closures, end-around taxiways... Any airport expansion project can be easily modeled. Evaluate new operational scenarios and maximize airport efficiency.

For the planning department

Operational data monitoring & analysis

Real-time & historic data - throughput, delays, taxi times, runway occupancy times, fuel burn.

Automated simulation set-up

Seamless flight schedule creation based on past data.

What-if scenario analysis

Seamless creation of what-if scenario analysis: end-around taxiways, runway closures & surface modeling.

Traffic schedule creation

Advanced capacities for traffic schedule creation based on past data.

A simulation platform you can actually use

Built for airport experts, not consultants.

Email alert service

Receive daily notifications on real time operational data.